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Mitchell Johnson deces

It is in a quick statement that the English manufacturer Mitchell & Johson specialized in audiophile electronics has just announced that it closes its doors.

Mitchell & Johnson is a very young push of the English Hifi. With only 7 years of existence, the company created by Paul Mitchell and David Johnson is almost a baby in the landscape of the British Hifi which has many influential brands, most of which were born in the last century. Nevertheless, she already knew how to make a name for herself. It marked the spirits with its first achievements characterized by very competitive rates while respecting criteria truly audiophile. Then she again surprised the industry in 2018 by announcing that she would now manufacture her products in the UK and no longer in Asia.

In a statement dated June 25, Mitchell & Johnson proudly released its latest "made in UK" CD-Audio player, S800 CD, as the "Music maestro ideal for the Brexit era". Unfortunately, we must believe that the instability caused by the Brexit will have got the better of him. His last release and unequivocal. Mitchell & Johnson announces the cessation of its activity for immediate effect. As an explanation, he invokes " confidence and consumer spending plummet, due to lingering uncertainty around Brexit ». In other words, sales of Mitchell & Johnson would have collapsed. The brand regrets not having " been able to get sufficient global distribution, fast enough, to recover his considerable investment in British production and to maintain his overhead. "

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