According to the police, the body of a 49-year-old British walker was found who was missing nearly two weeks ago on a mountain range in New Zealand.

Darren Myers appeared to have died from a fall near a waterfall in the Tararua Range outside the New Zealand capital, Wellington. "It happened very suddenly. I do not think he suffered, "said police sergeant Tony Matheson on New Zealand radio.

He added, "When you do a trip like this, there's always a risk."

Myers, a British citizen living in Wellington, had been missing since June 1, when he did not show up at a certain location during his trek.

Search operations were hampered by rough terrain and inclement weather, including snow.

Thousands of hikers visit New Zealand each year to explore the mountains and wildlife. The Tararua Mountains are popular because they are close to Wellington, but steep terrain and unpredictable weather can be a challenge for hikers.

In 2016, a Czech woman spent almost a month alone in a keeper on a remote footpath on the South Island of the country after her male partner was killed in a fall.