After 9 months ago a process of review of the loot box systems in the British Parliament began, the committee responsible for analyzing the issue and bringing together those involved during several sessions, presented the corresponding report, which conclusively states that loot boxes must be regulated in accordance with the legal framework of gambling and gambling in the region.

As revealed, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee presented the final report in which the results of the analysis that was made around immersive technologies and their addictive potential were reflected. As you know, and we have reported to you, one of the most important issues that were touched during these months in the United Kingdom Parliament was that of loot boxes, which generated an interesting debate where positions collided in favor and against which These systems are classified and regulated in accordance with the relevant betting laws. Well, despite this, the committee can only issue a recommendation and its report concluded by pointing out to the British government that loot boxes should be considered as bets and, therefore, should respond in legal matters as such, in addition to being prohibited. for minors.

For his part, Damian Collins, president of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee declared that it is time for video game companies to assume a position of greater responsibility and launched a challenge to the UK government asking that, in case they maintain their position that the loot boxes are not bets, demonstrate with a relevant report that, in effect, they are not.

The committee also asked the British government that PEGI, a content review and classification system that operates in the region, include the corresponding notice in the boxes and digital presentations of those games that have loot boxes, in addition to suggesting that it be a element that is taken into account to define the age range at the time of granting the classification.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the sessions organized by the committee in the British Parliament left some important moments, such as the presentation of Electronic Arts, where the company said that the loot boxes are not bets, but a system of surprise boxes similar to of some products that are on the market and are offered to minors. Also, Epic Games also gave what to talk about considering that it did not have to take responsibility for data protection, arguing that this corresponds to the platforms of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

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