The Government of the United Kingdom restrained on Wednesday a motion presented by the Labor opposition that sought to prevent the "Brexit hard", Which is the withdrawal of the European Union (EU) without an agreement agreed with the EU bloc and ratified by the British Parliament.

The proposal was seconded by 298 deputies and rejected by 309, with a difference of 11 votes in favor of the outgoing Executive of Theresa May, reports the Prensa Latina news agency.

According to experts, the motion is the last step made by pro-European parliamentarians, including conservatives, to legally block Brexit hard.

Resolving the crisis of the Brexit is the crucial and priority task in the agenda of the 10 candidates to take the reins of power in the United Kingdom, after the departure of May.

Several candidates, including favorite Boris Johnson, have pledged to leave the European Union "with or without agreement" 'on October 31, when the extension offered by the EU bloc expires.

The withdrawal without EU agreement is the current legal position in the United Kingdom, although this option has been rejected repeatedly by the majority of deputies.

The European Commission (EC) reiterated that the United Kingdom must honor the financial commitments assumed as a member state even if its exit occurs without agreement.

In the report published by the EU Executive on the preparatory work of the Twenty-seven, the European experts stress that these are conditions that the bloc will maintain regardless of whether or not the Retreat Treaty goes ahead.

The EC considers this step a precondition before addressing the issue of a possible free trade agreement. He expects the United Kingdom to 'address the three main issues of Brexit', the rights of citizens, the exit bill and the situation that would arise on the island of Ireland. / MQ