Dhe British police stopped investigating the pro-Brexit group "Leave.EU" on Friday despite violations of the electoral law. Although there were irregularities in the campaign funding of the group, the police said. For a "deeper criminal investigation", however, the evidence was not enough.

The British Electoral Commission imposed a fine of £ 70,000 (€ 79,000) on the group in May 2018. She accused "Leave.EU" of spending more money on her referendum campaign on Britain's exit from the EU in 2016 than was allowed. In addition, she had not stated this expenditure completely or inaccurately. The commission turned on the police.

The founder of the group, the millionaire Arron Banks, demanded on Friday a public inquiry into the decision of the election commission and the resignation of the chairman.

"Leave.EU" and Banks' insurance company Eldon Insurance had already been sentenced to fines totaling £ 120,000 in February for violations of privacy laws. Among other things, more than one million e-mails promoting insurance have been sent to signatories of the Leave.EU campaign without their consent, according to the UK Data Protection Authority (ICO).

"Leave.EU" was founded in 2015 to fight for Britain's exit from the EU. The campaign was the largest unofficial lobby group. She was very active, especially in the social networks, thus contributing to the outcome of the Brexit vote in June 2016.

The official Pro Brexit campaign was Vote Leave. Against her and another pro-Brexit group, "BeLeave" are still under investigation for their campaign funding.