While a Brexit without agreement seems more and more credible, British police are sounding the alarm: gangs could take advantage of the situation.

This concern comes after the British Parliament forced the government to publish confidential documents on the impact of an exit from the European Union without agreement.

The UK government has launched a massive information campaign urging citizens and businesses to prepare for Brexit.

Called "Operation Yellowhammer", the document presents a particularly dark scenario: highly disrupted traffic, rising prices but also shortages of food, fuel and drugs.

This last point in particular is of concern to the British police. The Guardian is referring to an official report in which they fear that the demand for unavailable drugs will become "a market to exploit" for the gangs, which would benefit from the anxiety of the patients.

The risk of a "widespread protest"

Customs problems would be another opportunity, allowing criminals to create an underground economy for goods stuck in ports.

The police also apprehend the reaction of the population. It warns of a potential increase in the number of flights if the fear of missing wins the British. According to the report, the situation could, in the worst case, "lead to widespread protest and unrest".

Police "already exhausted"

Beyond that, the police fear a general loss of efficiency, especially if they no longer have access to European databases on wanted criminals and can no longer appeal to the European arrest warrant.

Sharing their concern, Louise Haig, Minister of State in charge of law and order, deplores an "already exhausted" police and says she does not have enough agents "to cover the disturbances that would inevitably provoke the exit of the EU ".

"This should be an incredibly harsh warning to the government and the public," she added. Leaving the EU without an agreement would be profoundly irresponsible for public security. "