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Debt and economic issues: In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) Also seems to be facing a personal financial crisis. From “Sunday TimesThe “bomb” of a Downing Street member who asked not to be named told the Weekly that Johnson was too poor to be the prime minister. He has been struggling with financial problems and has not resolved it until the end of the month. “

The first thing that worries the British media is that if the economic problems of the British Prime Minister prove to be real, the British Prime Minister may be under pressure. According to “English Weekly” estimates, Johnson has a long list of expenditures: 58,000 pounds was only used to renovate a private apartment in Downing Street, living with his girlfriend Kelly Symonds, and another 200 pounds for living. One thousand pounds must be added, the number of pounds spent on designer furniture.

However, in addition to the house, private life also has a heavy impact on Boris Johnson’s current account: in fact, the cost of divorcing his ex-wife Marina is very high because of the high cost of raising six children. In the house in South London and his cottage in Oxfordshire, a mortgage of more than 1.5 million euros must be added, which is very expensive.

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This reminds me of the Dutch prime minister and his grandmother bicycle, and a Chinese reporter interviewing a former Japanese prime minister. The reporter was surprised that the old prime minister did not have any special treatment different from ordinary people after his retirement. Let’s take a look at the leading cadres in the CCP. Their troubles come from the fact that there is so much money and they don’t know where to hide. The world’s largest “corrupt party” always has endless big tigers and endless small flies. We are also looking forward to anecdotal reports that some Chinese Communist Party officials are in the news because of poverty.
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