British Prime Urges G7 to Unite Against Covid-19 | The world

LONDON– British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to urge the leaders of the world’s richest nations to unite on a “colossal mission” to deliver Covid-19 vaccines to the world leading to a sustainable recovery of the pandemic, according to statements released on Saturday.

Johnson is preparing to chair a virtual meeting of leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized countries next Friday. It will be the first session Johnson has chaired since the UK took over the G7 presidency in January.

“The solutions to the challenges we face – from the colossal mission to distribute vaccines to all countries to the fight to reverse the damage done to our ecosystems and lead to a sustainable recovery after the coronavirus – are in the discussions we have with our friends and partners around the world, “Johnson said in remarks released prior to the event.

Rich countries have come under fire for buying more Covid-19 vaccines than they actually need, leaving developing nations without access to crucial injections. Public health experts warn that the coronavirus pandemic will not be under control until the world population can be vaccinated.

Governments of all nations must in order to put vaccine supplies to the best possible use, Johnson stressed.

“I hope that 2021 will be remembered as the year humanity worked together as never before to defeat a common enemy,” he said.

Friday’s session marks US President Joe Biden’s first major multilateral appointment since he took office last month. The UK is scheduled to host the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, in June.

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