British Ruin and the Vogue Rats – Katy Mikhailova

I have been altering them for months (two columns in particular) of the anti-filter-instagram campaign. From the complaints received by certain IG filters that Facebook is forced to veto (and that are replaced by other users after months) to adolescent girls who suffer from dysmorphia and who are not accepted in the mirror if there is no facial modification filter itself (I remind you: the filter transforms your face as if you had undergone surgery).

Well then: Great Britain is in fashion news this week twice. The first, by prohibit the use of these filters to influencers and brands who hire them; the second, because the economic figures have come to light that conclude that Brexit and the pandemic is suffocating the textile sector in the country. Between the rise in rates and the ban on traveling to the country, all this has serious consequences for this sector, but nobody wants to take responsibility. London blames Brussels, and vice versa, as the economy silently sinks. You will see in June in Spain … And meanwhile, we found out this week that the Russians import a supermarket business “for the poor” (which begins in Andalusia with a view to moving it to Madrid, Murcia and Valencia), under the brand Mere (as published ABC this week), and I can only take refuge in Miami, from the cold, from the pre-Communism that is coming to us in Europe and other natural disasters.

Because speaking of the environment, they will not deny that the invasion of the black rats in Madrid does not impact them. What you do not know (because I very much doubt that you will buy ‘Vogue Italia’) is that in the January issue of this year there is a fashion editorial where a model poses with 2 rats on her arm, one white and one black (I’m talking about rats); and in another image, the black one (the rat) poses on his head. All glamor, but with rats! With such destruction of aesthetics, and challenging the luxury industry and tempting art (while bordering on stupidity), we can conclude that not only The Simpsons frequently predict what happens on planet Earth: ‘Vogue Italia’ also It does, and in this particular case has predicted the rodent disaster in the capital.

To develop the filters, I will clarify that the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), the advertising self-control body of Great Britain, is not that it has decided to ban beauty filters as such among anonymous users, but that the measure focuses on influencers (and ‘influeheces’, as my good running mate coined, today the new star of Save me, Miguel Frigenti). Influencers or ‘influencers’, it doesn’t matter, but it does matter if the content is sponsored by a beauty brand. Misleading advertising is what they try to avoid. Especially if said brand can potentially obtain a profit based on “confusing” with said advertising, filter influencer on Instagram through. Maximum hypocrisy, because advertising has been nurturing photography editing forever … Photoshop, basically. By this rule of three, the use of photographic retouching, makeup, reducing girdles, and lighting techniques should be prohibited in all fashion and beauty advertising campaigns where precisely the latter, beauty, is “enhanced ”.

With the catwalks closed for more than a year, on the economy of Great Britain, a more serious topic, I must emphasize that the fashion sector invoices 40 billion euros every year in the country, generating more than 1 million jobs. So model Twiggy and Lebon have written an ‘open’ letter to Boris Johnson asking for help.

With all this and more, get ready, what curves come in Spain. The drama has only just started and little by little we are becoming aware (slowly and silently). Happy Saturday!


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