Британские ученые решили назвать недельную норму алкоголя

British doctors have reported on the rules of alcohol consumption. They were experts from the National Health Service in collaboration with the charity Drinkaware.

About it writes Daily Mail.

First rule – do not drink during the week daily must be "window" when alcohol is not used at all. Second, you can not exceed the allowable daily dose. It is particularly important to withstand the "break sobriety" of people aged 40 years and over. According to scientists, people between the ages of 45 and 65 drink 14 times more than usual.

"Even a soft day of the week gives the body a chance to purify itself," say the doctors.

Experts advised adults who drink alcohol to drink no more than 14 servings of alcoholic beverages each week. For example, these are 600 grams of beer with 4% or six glasses of wine with a volume of 175 ml or 14 stacks of 25 ml strong, 40-degree beverage.

Earlier in the Dnipropetrovsk region seized alcohol is fake a million hryvnia.


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