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The cluster gathering case at Novotel China Airlines has spread. So far, 28 related cases have been accumulated, and there have been rare young severely ill patients. Chen Xiuxi, a professor at the National Taiwan University School of Public Health, analyzed today. From this Novotel cluster event, it can be seen that the United Kingdom Variant virus strains not only increase the risk of family transmission, but also cause severe illness in young cases. Both of these points are consistent with the results of international observations. It is recommended that the community be protected from second waves of infection through multiple screenings in the future.

Chen Xiuxi led the research team today and stated in the live broadcast of the new crown pneumonia scientific epidemic prevention site that the British strain has now become the mainstream of the global new crown virus, accounting for 36% in Asia, much higher than the original strain and other mutant strains. This time, Novotel Most of the hotel cluster cases were infected with British strains, which was the main cause of the strained domestic epidemic.

According to the calculation of 33 household infections announced by the command center from January 28 last year to May 2 this year, Chen Xiuxi’s team found that the risk of household infection after 2021 increased by 1.4 times compared with last year. The research and judgment is very likely to be related to the variant virus. According to the data of 5617 household infections that occurred in Ontario, Canada from February 1 to February 27 this year, if the index case is a British strain, the transmission rate of households is 1.31 times higher than that of a non-UK strain, confirming that Taiwan is facing the UK Strain of the crisis.

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In addition, Chen Xiuxi’s team also pointed out that from the statistics of Ontario, Canada, it can be seen that this year, affected by the British strain B.1.1.7, the proportion of patients with new coronary pneumonia in hospital and intensive care units has increased by more than 20% compared with last year. The influence of ethnic groups has also increased, especially those under the age of 59, and the number of people admitted to intensive care units has increased. On the contrary, the degree of influence of the British strains on the over-60s has decreased.

Chen Xiuxi pointed out that from the above data, it can be analyzed why case 1120 was clearly a young man under 50 years old, but was finally admitted to the intensive care unit for intubation treatment. In this Novotel cluster incident, there was also case 1122 that was aged. A critically ill patient less than 60 years old, and another critically ill patient, 1079, is over 60 years old.

Chen Xiuxi’s team also found that the variant virus has an impact on the current testing tools, whether it is PCR or antibody testing, the proportion of false negatives has increased. The US FDA has even clearly pointed out that the TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Kit (TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Kit) is included. The three products, Mesa Biotech (Accula SARS-Cov-2 test), and Linea COVID-19 Assay Kit may have reduced sensitivity due to the British strain. This may also explain why Case 1092 was only diagnosed after 3 negative tests. British strain.

Chen Xiuxi suggested that in order to solve the problem of declining detection sensitivity, multiple inspections of suspected infections should be implemented. In addition, vaccination is also a key epidemic prevention method. According to the third phase of foreign clinical studies, the AZ vaccine can prevent 100%. New crown severe illness and hospitalization, Scotland recently announced the fourth phase of post-marketing surveillance also showed that from the 28th day after the administration of a single dose of AZ vaccine, it can reduce the risk of hospitalization by 94%.

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However, there are only 310,000 doses of AZ vaccine in China, and the vaccine is still a very scarce epidemic prevention material in the world. Therefore, Chen Xiuxi suggested that the current vaccination strategy should still maintain accurate vaccination, so that people who need the vaccine should give it as soon as possible. , And this Novotel cluster incident highlighted that the crew members are a high-risk group and should take advantage of this time to actively vaccinate AZ.

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