A British couple had a nightmare with the start of their holiday in Australia after claiming that they had been misled by a Sydney Airbnb host. Tony and Christine Fitzmaurice thought they had found the perfect Airbnb home to call home when they visited their daughter Sarah in Sydney when they booked online last July. They paid almost $ 8,000 for a 25-night stay in a two-bedroom apartment in North Bondi overlooking the balcony overlooking the famous beach in the eastern suburbs of the city. But they got a rough shock when they arrived on Wednesday and were given the keys to a completely different building in the same complex.

Tony and Christine Fitzmaurice thought they had found the perfect place when they came across this apartment in North Bondi on Airbnb.

When they arrived on January 2, they were instead given the keys to another unit in the same complex where the kitchen (pictured) was not so spacious. Instead of the open living spaces and spacious bedrooms that they were expecting, they had a small and Pokey apartment with a much different layout. Photos show that the bathroom has seen better days, with rust and mold in the bath. The bedrooms also had no air conditioning, which was promised in the original building. & # 39; I was devastated, & # 39; Ms Fitzmaurice told Daily Mail Australia. We had spent a lot of time researching and thought we had found the perfect spot. It was in a great location, close to where our daughter lived and we looked forward to some fun in the open living room. We could not believe it when we discovered that the property did not match the description. & # 39;

Tony and Christine Fitzmaurice are visiting their daughter Sarah (right) in Sydney. Her husband Tony added: "This is not what we paid for. We have rented places all over the world and this has never happened to us before. & # 39; The couple claimed that the host had told them that the original house they had booked & # 39; uninhabitable & # 39; was due to plumbing problems, which they claim is not right. & # 39; You can see that someone lives there, because there are towels and a dog on the balcony, "said Mr. Fitzmaurice.

The bedrooms (pictured) in the originally booked unit had a good size for the Fitzmaurices

Neither bedroom in the replacement apartment had air conditioning as stated. The apartment that they originally booked has been rented out to $ 990 per week since October, according to the property report on domain.com.au. However, the unit is newly listed as available for lease on the host property website, which Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to mention. A Airbnb spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that the couple will receive a full refund, while the host will issue a warning and a small financial penalty. gets. There are on average two million people who spend the night on Airbnb every night and negative experiences are incredibly rare. However, we are working hard to ensure that every guest has a great experience and wants to do things right when things do not go as expected, "said the spokesman. & # 39; Our cancellation policy exists to protect hosts and guests. If a host cancels a reservation, guests can receive a full refund or transfer the payment to a new Airbnb reservation. In this case, guests receive a full refund and apologize for any inconvenience. & # 39;

Tony and Christine Fitzmaurice do not let the stressful ordeal spoil their holiday in Sydney

The bathroom (photo) was spotlessly clean in advertised photos of the apartment originally booked

The Fitzmaurices arrived to discover that the bathroom in the other apartment had seen better days with mold in the bath (photo). The Fitzmaurices spent the last two days in the peak holiday period, scrambling to find alternative accommodation, spending three nights in three different hotels. "My parents did not feel at ease in the other building – it was nonsense and they had spent a lot of money," said daughter Sarah. "Aviation has presented us with a few other features, but they were not in the same price range. It was a terrible start to their journey – I do not think my father wants to return to Australia. "While her parents happily found a place for the rest of their stay, it left them up to $ 5,000.

Despite beautiful views and the weather, it was a tough few days for Christine Fitzmaurice (left) & # 39; The last few days were horrible and stressful & # 39 ;, told Ms. Fitzmaurice to Daily Mail Australia. & # 39; We were lucky that our daughter is here, because we did not have an Australian phone or no internet access. Aviation has promised the Fitzmaurices a full refund, which will take up to 15 days. The couple said their harrowing ordeal has made them twice in the future to book again with Airbnb.

We had spent a lot of time researching and thought we had found the perfect spot (photo), Christine Fitzmaurice told Daily Mail Australia. My advice to everyone is to go and see the place before you book, & # 39; said Mr. Fitzmaurice. & # 39; But like us, many people are not in that position. & # 39; They will decide whether to take further action when they return home. & # 39; It has not been the best start to our vacation, & # 39; said mr. Fitzmaurice against Daily Mail Australia & # 39; But we refuse this to ruin our journey because we are here to have a good time. & # 39;

Tony and Christine Fitzmaurice have been informed by Airbnb that they will receive a full refund