Brittany: why sales of license plate stickers are soaring

It is a transhumance that wants to be discreet. Depending on the confinements that marked the first twelve months of the coronavirus pandemic, Brittany has been a land of welcome for a large number of Parisians. Whether they have a second home or not, many of them came to spend the confinement at the seaside. And as reported France Blue Tuesday April 6, they are not always well received by the locals. Thus, the sale of license plate stickers has skyrocketed: with a car passing them off as originating from Brittany, newcomers play with discretion to avoid disappointments.

The title of this article by Release of April 1 reflects the exasperation of certain regions which attract city dwellers: In Bayonne, “vacationers must not arrive, otherwise they will be throwing hams”. However, a mechanic in the Vannes region, interviewed by local radio, said he sold “a good thirty” stickers in a weekend. This new influx of discreet confined people follows the latest announcements by Emmanuel Macron: Tuesday, April 6, the new confinement officially began, for four weeks, throughout the national territory to curb the coronavirus epidemic.

Remain vigilant despite “the feeling of vacation”

Another seller of a car center, this time near Saint-Malo, confirms that “for two weeks, demand has clearly increased”. If he assures that sellers do not allow themselves to ask the origin of their customers, the license plates before the purchase of the famous sticker are not mistaken.

In La Baule, in Loire-Atlantique, BFMTV reported that the population quadrupled over the Easter weekend. The mayor, Franck Louvrier, sees things on the bright side: “We found ourselves out of stock (…) that means that people who are not from here immediately wanted to integrate and pass for Baulois “. He also recalls that in his town, “there are no enemies” but asks newcomers to remain vigilant despite “the impression of being on vacation”.

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Avoid the fine and the anger of the locals

What those confined to Brittany fear is first of all a fine. Travel being limited to ten kilometers around his home – on presentation of recent proof of address -, in the event of a check, they risk having to pay 135 euros to take advantage of their confinement in the open air. Perhaps they are unaware that it is also illegal to affix a sticker on its plate, since a judgment of the Court of Cassation at the end of 2020. This act is also punishable by a fine of 135 euros.

But, according to the Breton residents, their new “guests” are also trying to avoid malicious acts on the part of the locals. Residents of large cities who wish to escape confinement with their families in small urban apartments are sometimes frowned upon: they can indeed be accused of worsening the spread of the virus, depending on the incidence rates of their regions of origin. And thus risk seeing their vehicle pay the costs of their presence. Hence their desire to blend as much as possible into the Breton mass.

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