A lawsuit filed by Brook Park against the City of Cleveland nearly a year ago is still unclear.

BROOK PARK, Ohio – It's been nearly a year since Brook Park sued the city of Cleveland for breaking the 2001 agreement to buy 70 homes to make way for a deserted Cleveland Hopkins International Airport runway extension to accomplish. Unfortunately, there is no final end in sight.

Brook Park Law Director Carol Horvath told the city council on December 4 that she and another lawyer submitted a 163-page response to Cleveland's motion for a ruling on the overall decision earlier this week, as well as Brook Park's own motion for had submitted a summary assessment. It declined to disclose all the details of the city's most recent submission, and previous activities had brought written pleadings and "not much" legal proceedings.

"We put forward the best argument we could and the greatest possible detail," Horvath said. "We really have no control over what the potential outcome may or may not be, and the defendant has until 18 January 2019 to file a response to our arguments."

She was aware of the residents of Brook Park, who were affected by Cleveland's failed purchase of their homes.

"Since we know the case as it is, and know many things that our residents have had to go through many, many years, I am confident that the court (Cuyahoga County Common Pleas) will listen to our arguments," Horvath said. "It's very frustrating because I'd like to give the residents an idea of ​​what the court thinks, but unfortunately that's somehow impossible."

She said a decision could be taken in March or April, but stressed that it was "really difficult to predict".

"At that point, it's up to the judge and how long it takes to analyze what we've presented to him," she said.