It would take more than a crushing defeat to wipe the ubiquitous smile on Nick Browne's face.

In addition, he believes that Essex will recover immediately and open the account of the season against reigning champions Surrey.

"We will win there this week," said the left-hander before today's match of the Specsavers County Championship in the Oval. His smile was seductive and convincing.

"I always had the feeling that we did well against Surrey. we've always denied or beaten her.

"I think everyone is pretty confident when they go into the game."

There was little evidence to support Browne's claim in the first game of the season last week when the seeded champion lost by an innings and a lot against Hampshire in Southampton.

Essex, according to Browne, was completely surpassed.

"We just came out of the blocks slowly," he said.

"I think we did a bit of the wicket.

"Two days under cover, we thought it would make a lot of difference.

"Fairplay for their Groundsman: He produced an absolute Belter.

"We locked them up, they played well and it was hard to come back from.

"Your bowlers were brilliant. (Kyle) Abbott was really good, even Fidel (Edwards)."

Browne fell in the first innings to undoubtedly win the ball of the game to give Edwards the first in a five-wicket move.

 € œHe swung it quite a bit and dropped some of the guys from York with the clumsy plot he has.

"Sometimes you have to put up your hands and say that our skills were not there last week, and it has to get better this week.

"You have to learn from it and carry on, dust yourself, without sounding too clichéd.

"It's obviously a massive game against Surrey.

"(Peter) The return of Siddle will make a big difference to our bowling attack.

"When we won the title in 2017, we started against Lancashire in a very similar style and made a draw. It is still early in the day. "

Browne had a particularly disappointing game in the Ageas Bowl. He scored one and seven after completing a downbeat in 2018 when his only three-digit return to the preseason match came against Cambridge MCCU.

He was within two rounds of replaying at Fenners last month and said, "I feel like I'm going to hit the ball well.

"I feel like I got a decent ball in the first innings (against Hampshire) and just left the line in the second area.

"But to be honest, the brawl opens.

"We just could not make the new ball.

"All I have to do is make sure I make a big impact when I'm here.

"But I feel really happy right now with my punch."

Browne is in two and a half months without a World Cup century of two years.

But the 28-year-old will be on the alert in the oval, demanding 65 runs to reach 5,000 in world-class cricket since he debuted in 2013.

It has an average of just over 40 and has 14 tons in this unit, so the milestone should not be too long in coming.

"I did not know I was ready," he said.

"To be honest, if you told me at the beginning of my career that I could play one or two games, I would have shaken your hand.

"But now I'm a bit further, five thousand runs would be a good achievement for me.

"My goal for my career is to finish with 50 top-notch hundreds and win trophies for Essex."

Back in the immediate past, Essex won a memorable oval win in the final game of last year to prevent Surrey's unbeaten run of the season.

The tables had been reversed three weeks earlier when the electoral champion in Chelmsford won comfortably.

The timing of the games disappointed Browne.

"The season was over by the time we played them," he said.

"They've already hit everyone and we did not really have a chance to put pressure on them earlier.

"This year will be different."