Brutal 80W wireless battery charging for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro


The Xiaomi Mi 11 was presented at the end of the year as the best smartphone launched by Xiaomi in all of 2020. We are all waiting to meet then the Pro model that, according to the brand itself, will arrive a few weeks later. However, data from this new top of the range of the company continues to leak.

Sources close to the company report that Xiaomi is already testing an 80W fast wireless charger, which will be launched in the first half of this year.anointed with Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. Let us remember that within Wed 11 We find 4,600 mAh capacity battery compatible with 55 W Mi TurboCharge wired charging that can fully charge the device in just 45 minutes. But the phone also boasts 50W wireless charging, which can fully charge this cell in 53 minutes. Here the Pro model summarizes 30W more, implying a full charge of a cell of these characteristics in just half an hour.

So far the mobile with the highest charging speed from Xiaomi is the Mi 10 Ultra, which offers fast charging of 120W by cable, but wirelessly “only” of 50W.

Shaping the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

The previous generation of Xiaomi wireless chargers had an efficiency of about 95%. Still, in the new version, it was increased to 98% by reducing energy losses during transmission from the source. In addition, a more efficient charging process reduces the heat generated during the charging process, thereby increasing safety during the process of recharging the phone’s power.

The mobile would sport a screen and processor similar to those of the standard Mi 11 so the camera department could be the one powered by this Pro model, thus improving its 108MP primary sensor configuration with aperture of f / 1.85, a super large lens 13MP wide angle lens with a 120-degree field of view and a 5MP telephoto macro lens. This telephoto lens was probably the big change from the Mi 11 Pro offering an optical zoom of an even greater range.

As with the presentation of the phone, the exact moment of the launch of the Xiaomi wireless charger of 80W has not been specified but it is imaginable that it can happen simultaneously with the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. The mobile could be officially presented coinciding with the celebration of a 2020 MWC that we assume this year should be held online again due to Covid-19.

Written by Miguel Martinez

January 14, 2021

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