Brutal femicide in Turkey: he took selfies with his pregnant wife on a cliff and threw her into the void

The smile that Semra Aysal had in the last photos she took on vacation contrasts with the sad ending that she had minutes later. Her husband Hakan Aysal pushed her off a cliff in Turkey’s Izmir province, with the intention of collecting life insurance money, regardless of whether it was seven months pregnant, according to the prosecutor’s complaint on February 8.

Aysal’s death occurred on June 19, 2018 and two years later the man was arrested and charged with murder. The woman fell more than 300 meters and died instantly.

According to the newspaper The Sun, the 40-year-old widower denied being responsible for the death of his wife. “After taking a photo, my wife put the phone in her purse. Later he asked me to give him the phone. I got up and then heard my wife screaming behind me as I took a few steps away to get the phone out of her bag, “he said.

However, Justice does not believe that it was an accident, but a coldly planned crime. Prosecutors claim that Aysal was financially motivated and “planned the murder of his wife hiring personal accident insurance first in his name for an amount of 400,000 Turkish liras (about $ 57,000) in which he was the sole beneficiary ”.

Semra Aysal died after falling 300 meters into the Valley of the Butterflies. (Photo: courtesy The Sun).

“He took his seven-month-pregnant wife to the Valley of the Butterflies in Fethiye, where they were supposed to be on vacation. They sat there for approximately three hours during which the defendant waited for a moment when there were no people around “to throw it into the void, says the indictment, according to the Turkish media. Wall.

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Shortly after, the man tried to collect the insurance, but the bank refused him due to the ongoing investigation into his wife’s death.

In an interview, the victim’s brother, Naim Yolcu said that when they went to the Institute of Forensic Medicine to collect the body with Hakan, the man “It didn’t even seem sad”.

According to Yolcu, after the death, the family learned that Hakan had taken three credits on behalf of his wife, supposedly to do extreme sports like skydiving. It caught their attention, since they knew that the woman was against taking out loans and that the man did not like heights.

The Fethiye High Criminal Court ultimately ruled that Hakan must remain in pre-trial detention for the premeditated murder of his pregnant wife.

According to the Turkish organization Kadın Cinayetlerini Durduracağız (”Let’s stop femicide), there was 300 femicides in Turkey in 2020 and another 170 suspicious deaths of women. In most cases, the killers were husbands, partners or ex-partners.


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