Buffett bets on Chevron and Verizon, loosens on Apple and says goodbye to Pfizer

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The ‘oracle of Omaha’ has spoken. Warren Buffett has unveiled the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio, its main investment arm, with which it has entered this 2021 of the economic recovery. Has revealed positions in the oil company Chevron and the ‘teleco’ Verizonwhile you have loosened on Apple and settled in Pfizer.

The anticipation around this discovery of positions has been even greater than usual this time, because Buffett had to discover some positions that you did not disclose at the end of the third quarter from last year. The investment firm obtained a waiver from the US supervisor to delay this announcement until its investment position was fully built.

The main destination of this ‘secret’ investment has turned out to be Verizon, to whose shares the financial magnate has entrusted 8.6 billion dollars. In addition, Buffett has recovered one of the investment bets value more cyclical cut par excellence by investing 4.100 million dollars in the oil company Chevron, to which the agency recently S&P cut rating to ‘AA-‘.

Surprise investment

The professional services company Marsh & McLennan has completed Bershire Hathaway’s list of new bets to start the year, with a position equivalent to $ 499 million. The latter has been, without a doubt, the great surprise of the well-known investor from Omaha.

In the opposite direction, the investment firm has executed some sales in Apple stocks, which nevertheless continues to rank as a heavyweight in his portfolio. In addition, it has sold all of the shares it owned in the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, one of the major players in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to the vaccine developed together with the German BioNTech. No sign of the 3.7 million shares of the pharmaceutical company notified three months ago.

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Pharmaceuticals and banks

Beyond this movement, Berkshire Hathaway has announced an increase in positions in other pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb (33.3 million shares) and AbbVie (25.5 million titles).

As regards the financial sector, companies such as Wells Fargo. Meanwhile in PNC Financial Services, the buyer of BBVA’s US subsidiary, has liquidated positions.

In other sectors, the increase in investment in the grocery store chain stands out Kroger, in which it already accumulates 33.5 million shares, and the reduction of the portfolio in the automobile GM, where its position is reduced to 72.5 million shares.


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