Bugatti EB110 tires cost what a utility vehicle and are still a bargain

RM Sotheby’s is going to auction a very special lot at their next event in Denmark, a set of Royale type wheels from the old Bugatti EB110. These BBS tires are in perfect condition and are estimated at a price of between € 8,000 and € 12,000.

This set of wheels belonging to the classic Bugatti EB110 is one of the quirkiest auction lots we’ve come across lately. These 4 tires are in perfect condition and will be auctioned at the next RM Sotheby’s event in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Despite how old these accessories are, they are remarkable or desirable enough to occupy a seat at an event at a house as prestigious as RM Sotheby’s. Which is not surprising given the rarity of the model to which it belongs and the recent interest that it has aroused lately among collectors, which has led to an increase in prices one of the few specimens that have reached the market in recent years.

Bugatti EB110.

These tires were manufactured by BBS specifically for the Bugatti EB110 introduced in 1991. Its design is not whimsical or casual, as it is inspired precisely by the rims of another mythical model of the French brand, the Bugatti Type 41 Royale or Bugatti Royale, which is how everyone knows it.

Bugatti Royale

This mastodon of more than 6 meters long equipped with an immense 12.8-liter inline 8-cylinder engine was created expressly for the most exquisite customers of the brand, the European royalty. Although its price was triple that of a Rolls-Royce of the time, so launching it during the years of the Great Depression was not one of the best plays of Ettore Bugatti, who he did not manage to manufacture more than 7 copies of the 25 that he had planned. These units had different bodies but had one element in common, their huge wheels, which were equipped with a very peculiar design, with a completely flat center, like lenticular wheels.

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When the Bugatti EB110 was launched the market mounted these wheels that partly mimicked the wheel design of the Bugatti RoyaleHence, these soon received the nickname ‘Royale tires or wheels’. The arrival of the Bugatti EB110 Super Sport marked the premiere of new, even lighter wheels, the 7 straight-spoke wheels that mimicked the racing Bugatti wheels of the 1930s.

Bugatti Type 41 Royale Kellner Coupé.

These tires are expected reach a value between € 8,000 and € 12,000, about what a new utility vehicle like the KIA Picanto costs. Although the truth is that these are quite a bargain compared to the wheels of a model like the Bugatti Veyron, whose price without mounting is about $ 100,000 per set. Which makes the EB110’s BBS tires look cheap.

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