Bump! Mauricio ‘Bronco’ Lara surprises in London with knockout of Josh Warrington | Sports Boxing

The Mexican Mauricio ‘Bronco’ Lara surprised everyone London and the United Kingdom after knocking out the previously undefeated favorite and former IBF featherweight world champion, Josh Warrington.

The ‘Bronco’ Lara made it clear from the first bell that fist power and heart were on her side. With a great volume of combinations and always boxing towards the front, the CDMX native overwhelmed a Warrington who looked lost in the first rounds.

Prior to this contest, Josh Warrington had vacated his International Boxing Federation featherweight world belt for failing to win the unification fight he wanted against WBA regular monarch Xu Can.

For the fourth round, Lara landed a left hook that sent Warrington to the mat and although the Briton managed to get up, his legs did not respond for the rest of the fight.

The ‘Bronco’ Lara maintained the pressure at all times and for the ninth round he reconnected his lethal left hook followed by all kinds of combinations to put his rival to sleep and force the referee to stop the fight.

The unexpected victory by the public, but by the ‘Bronco’ Lara team, placed the Mexican in the spotlight of all boxing and his division, where he could soon contend for a world title.

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