Burmese Ambassador in London denounced that a military attache has occupied the diplomatic headquarters

The Burmese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Kyaw Zwar Minn, denounced this Wednesday that a military official linked to the Burmese junta “occupied” the diplomatic headquarters of his country in London and has prevented you from accessing.

When asked who is inside the embassy, ​​Kyaw Zwar Minn indicated that he is a Burmese military attaché in London. “They occupy my embassy,” he said.

In March the military junta called its ambassador for consultations after the diplomat issued a statement requesting the release of civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was captured when the military took power in Burma.

Protests around embassy

Protesters gathered around the Burmese embassy in London on Wednesday, when it was made public that the ambassador could not enter.

“When I left the embassy, ​​they rushed inside and took it. They belong to the Burmese army (…) They said they received instructions from the capital and that they would not let me in (…) They cannot do that. The British government will not authorize them “, said the diplomat to the newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

The British Foreign Office said it was “gathering more information following an incident at the Burmese embassy in London.”

The United Kingdom, a former colonial power, sanctioned several officials of the military junta, including its chief Min Aung Hlaing, for his role in the coup that overthrew the Burmese civilian government led by Suu Kyi.

Crisis in Burma

At least 600 civilians, including some 50 children and adolescents, have been killed in repression since the February 1 coup in Burma, by which the military overthrew the Civil Government.

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These figures from the Association of Assistance to Political Prisoners They also indicate that there are 2,700 detainees, of whom their families and lawyers have no news and have been declared missing.

In this regard, a group of deputies deposed from the party of Aun Suu Kyi they will provide the United Nations with evidence of “large-scale” human rights violations in that Asian country.


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