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It coincides with the Bank of England Day, and the BDI index is closed on Monday. Looking at the trend of the dry bulk freight market this week, due to the increase in global steel demand and the support of China’s economic recovery, analysts expect global dry bulk freight demand to grow by 4.4% this year. It also made the Baltic Dry Bulk BDI Index hit a new high in the past 10 years.

Among them, the BDI index closed at 2808 points on 4/26 and rose to 3053 points on 4/30, a weekly increase of 8.7%; the Cape Freight Index (BCI) weekly increase of 14.9%; the Panama Ultimate Freight Index (BPI) weekly increase of 3.3% ; The ultra-portable extreme freight index (BSI) rose 1.7% for the week.

At the closing price of last Friday (4/30), the Baltic Dry Bulk Index (BDI) rose 46 points to close at 3053 points, an increase of 1.5%; the Cape Freight Index (BCI) rose 122 points to close at 4896 points, an increase of 2.6%; The average daily rent is US$40,608 per vessel, an increase of US$1019.

Panama’s ultimate freight rate index (BPI) rose 29 points to close at 2672 points, an increase of 1.1%, and its average daily rent was US$24,045 per vessel, an increase of US$260; the ultra-portable ultimate freight index (BSI) fell 7 points and closed. 2144 points, a decrease of 0.3%. (Commodity Quotes Network)

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