“Business News” coincides with the Bank of England’s Monday, the basic metals market is closed

It coincides with the UK’s Spring Banking Day and the LME base metal futures are closed for one day on Monday (5/3). Looking at the metal trend of the week, as the world economy gradually recovers, the expected demand rises, coupled with the transition of renewable energy in various countries, it is understood that copper stocks have decreased and In the case of rising demand, copper prices have gradually risen; in addition, due to the transition of countries to greener and more copper-intensive energy sources, coupled with the impact of workers’ strikes in Chile, a major producer, it has also triggered concerns about supply shortages. From 2020 Since March, the price of copper has more than doubled. In late April this year, it rose for five consecutive trading days and hit US$10,008 per metric ton last Thursday, close to the record high of US$10,190 set in February 2011.

Last Friday (4/30), the London Metal Exchange (LME) tin futures rose US$215 to US$28,690 per metric ton; nickel futures rose US$417 to US$17,674 per metric ton; zinc futures rose US$7 to US$28,690 per metric ton. The metric ton was US$2,926; the aluminum futures fell US$20 to US$2,397 per metric ton; the copper futures fell US$60 to US$9,825 per metric ton; the lead futures rose US$35.5 to US$2,152 per metric ton. (Commodity Quotes Network)

(Times Information)


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