buy some AirPods Max now and receive them in March (or April)

More than two months after their introduction, the AirPods Max still have almost non-existent stock. Most models are delivered in the month of March, with one of them sneaking out until mid-April. Whatever the reason, Apple has failed to stabilize its offering despite the time that has elapsed.

AirPods Max stock out of stock continues

When Apple released the original AirPods in December 2016, their stock didn’t pay off for a few months. Now, the story is replicated step by step with the AirPods Max, although with an important point: the price. Despite costing several times more than the 2016 model, the AirPods Max are out of stock in all their colors:

  • Space Gray AirPods Max: March 9-16.
  • Silver AirPods Max: March 9-16.
  • Green AirPods Max: March 23-30.
  • Pink AirPods Max: March 9-16.
  • Blue AirPods Max: April 9-15

Now deliveries of AirPods Max boots with three weeks of time. In December and shortly after its launch, the delivery dates were also in March, with the difference that they were 12 weeks late. So something has improved the stock.

Stock breaks like this occur for two reasons: high demand or low production. If we take into account the price of the product, we can say that your demand will be only a fraction of the models More popular. They are estimated to have sold several million in their first weeks of life.

Still, the lawsuit must have taken Apple by surprise. The rest of retailers regulars selling Apple products are also shown out of stock. Hopefully its manufacturing accelerates and Apple manages to minimize its delivery as soon as possible.

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