ByMitu resizes customer service with a new online store

The ByMitu company, one of the authorized distributors of the Xiaomi brand in Spain, opened its new online store, with which it is revolutionizing the way people shop online. It presents interesting services, promotions and other benefits that complement the well-known attention and benefits it offers in its wide network of physical commercial premises.

The authorized distribution company of the Xiaomi technology brand in Spain, ByMitu, launched its new online store this fall, where it not only sells its traditional products, but also offers a number of benefits, promotions and offers that reinforce the excellent customer service on the premises.

With this web platform, ByMitu expands its coverage of action to many more customers than those who usually visit its stores, giving them the opportunity to access a variety of products to those who prefer to go online than the streets to purchase them.

For years this company was dedicated to opening commercial establishments in different shopping centers in the Spanish State; But now, at the most opportune moment, it decided to launch a new virtual store, in which the purpose is to have the same closeness and offer its clients good professional advice as if it were in a personal way.

The best promotions and offers

One of the advantages of visiting and buying in the online store is that you can enjoy the offers and promotions that ByMitu offers in it exclusively to its customers.

For example, a Mi 10T terminal, or its Pro 5G version, are available from 499 euros on the platform, uniquely because it is on sale. It is an easy way to access one of the best Xiaomi equipment at a really crazy price.

Or the promotion for that same mobile device, that when reserving it through the portal, you can receive a gift card worth 99 euros, valid to pay for any next purchase in the online store. And even better, if when acquiring the equipment 100 euros are added in another purchase, you receive a Mi Electric Scooter Essential valued at 299 euros, an offer that is too irresistible.

The seasonal offers are very varied and attractive: you can get a smartwatch from 19.99 euros, even the sophisticated and powerful Mi 10 5G for just 799 euros; That’s not counting the popular and versatile Redmi 9, for 159 euros, 20 euros less than it is normally worth.

Promotions are always changing for the good of customers and users, with various models and items from the well-known Xiaomi brand, which today is giving so much to talk about in the world, due to the quality of its devices and how cheap they are. It is an excellent combination of quality and low prices.

Product diversity

But the ByMitu online store not only sells mobiles, which are Xiaomi’s flagship product, but also offers an immense variety of items, including security and remote surveillance systems, coffee makers, electric rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, lighting lamps, brushes. electric, and smart scales, with the same quality that characterizes this brand.

It also has modern, simple and smart televisions, headphones in various models, laptops, monitors and mice, electric scooters, helmets, ‘power bank’ batteries, air purifiers, temperature sensors, fans and many other products for home and use. personal.

Among the accessories that can be found in the store, there are chargers, routers, WiFi signal repeaters, precision tools, adapters, robotic games, cameras, selfie sticks, portable printers, automatic umbrellas, bags and even spectacular drones. They have just about anything you can think of, of those that are used frequently or are fashionable in society.

In short, ByMitu is revolutionizing online sales with its new virtual store, which filled a small gap that existed and that today is completed with this web solution available to everyone. It’s like going to one of your physical stores, walking the aisles, asking for advice, checking the items and buying everything, but without leaving home.


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