Cabinet splits in the second referendum on the Brexit deal - The Guardian

Cabinet splits in the second referendum on the Brexit deal - The Guardian

There was a deep cabinet split over whether Theresa May should support a second referendum to end political stalemate over Brexit, as the senior Conservatives had predicted on Saturday night that their plan to leave the EU would target a crushing lower house defeat ,

The growing mood of the constitutional crisis before the decisive parliamentary vote on Tuesday is helping to make Number 10 ready for further resignations of ministers and aides who want another referendum or who believe that Mays may not reach agreement on Brexit. Colchester MPs and Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson's advisor Will Quince quit his job on Saturday night in protest at the Brexit deal.

Cabinet ministers told that observer These attempts to convince May to postpone the vote to avoid one of the biggest and most humiliating defeats in recent parliamentary history were ignored. This was despite the obvious danger that such a result could provoke a leadership challenge and irreversibly divide the party. Some cabinet ministers now believe that May is so closely associated with their Brexit deal that their only method of obtaining approval will be another referendum – and that the arguments for a second vote are stronger than for a soft Brexit. The prime minister has so far refused to think about a second public vote.

A Cabinet source said it may prove the only way to save May's deal and reputation. "She is so committed to her deal, and a second referendum may now be the only way to achieve it. Surveys have been remarkably stable for some time, but there seems to be some kind of movement [to Remain]and that could develop well in the coming days and weeks. "