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Follow the fight between Panini and Topps, especially in the UK.

Thus, one day before Panini launches Adrenalyn Plus in the Premier League, Topps is only available for sale through its website

Match Attax Festive Box

Release date: November 18, 2020


75 new Match Attax Champions League 2020 2021 cards.

Price 12 pounds / 12 euros
In principle, it can only be obtained through the English Topps page.

Distribution of the cards:

Gareth Bale Limited Edition Design Europa League
10 Super Signing
22 Festive version cards (Players who already had a card in the collection, but with a Festive design).
22 Stars de 2020
13 Man of the Match
7 Match Attax Legends

Plus, a chance to get one of the 150 signed cards from Gareth Bale’s Limited Edition.

For now, there is no listing, as until Topps begins shipping the boxes, it won’t be known.
The video when the box arrives.

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