California in curfew due to COVID-19 cases

A curfew has been issued in 41 California counties due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the entity.

Approximately 94% of California’s population lives in the counties where the curfew was issued.

These counties are at the “purple” level, the strictest of all those established to measure the rise in infections and the possibilities of economic reopening in each locality.

With the measure, in 41 of 58 counties in California, residents will have to stay home from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am

Customized exceptions are for those who must buy food, walk their dogs, pick up orders or attend to any type of emergency.

The curfew was issued until December 21 and could be postponed for some California counties.

In fact, the state’s largest county, Los Angeles, could face more severe lockdown due to the spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations for the disease.

California authorities assured that the curfews are aimed at reducing coronavirus infections generated, according to them, by an increase in socialization.

With the measure, bars and other places of entertainment will remain closed.

A large number of people gather without attending controls – they do not wear masks, they do not respect social distancing, often in closed places – and many of these things happen at nightsaid Dr. Mark Cullen, an infectious disease expert, to The Associated Press.

California has 40 million inhabitants and with the curfew, at least 36 million people will be forced to respect the new confinement measure.

The news produced this note with information from The Associated Press (AP).

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