Call for traffic lights in South Ribble

This was the statement by the South Ribble Council leader, Paul Foster, who said he was pressing the heads of the highways to change the gradation of the signals at different intersections across the district.

But a cabinet meeting learned that the authority could face a £ 50,000 bill for the work of the Lancashire County Council.

The local democracy reporting service understands that the lights are located in the air quality management areas of South Ribble, local areas within the district that have been registered as previously violating air pollution standards.

Junction of School Lane and Golden Hill Lane, Leyland

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“We encountered a problem in South Ribble with sequencing traffic lights at some of the air quality hotspots. Re-sequencing [them] could make huge improvements to air quality.

“When we highlighted it to the Lancashire County Council – which is the responsible statutory body – they want us to pay £ 50,000 to do it.

“But these are problems that we are pushing deeply [in order] to improve our environment, “said Cllr Foster.

Officers from both authorities met last week to discuss the matter.

A spokesman for the Lancashire County Council said: “There are several ways to improve air quality in areas where there are traffic congestion problems, where each place has its own unique circumstances.

“In general terms, these measures include reducing traffic volumes, improving traffic flow and providing alternatives to using the car. We will work with the city council to identify the most effective options for improving the quality of the air in South Ribble. “

Opposition adviser Phil Smith told cabinet members that County Hall was one of the “responsible authorities” registered in the district’s air quality management plan.

“I suggest that if we were to use some persuasion, it would be a good thing to try,” said Cllr Smith.

There are five air quality management areas (AQMA) in South Ribble – each containing some of the busiest junctions controlled by the neighborhood’s traffic lights.

Leyland – Golden Hill Lane / School Lane and Golden Hill Lane / Leyland Lane (Tiger Junction)

Bamber Bridge – Station Road / Brownedge Lane

Lostock Hall – Brownedge Road / Leyland Road

Walton-le-Dale – Victoria Road / London Way

Penwortham – Liverpool Road / Cop Lane (traffic can now be reduced after the completion of the Penwortham bypass)

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