Call of Duty Guerrilla Warfare and the Korean War

The new Call of Duty Guerrilla Warfare from 2021 could be set in 1950 and the Korean War. And there are rumors of regular leakers of the saga that confirm it.

So it seems that Blizzard Activision returns to historical games with one of the most warlike times. The Korean War takes place between 1950 and 1953, so it would follow the pattern of going through history year after year, after the recent titles that have dealt with the Second World War or the Vietnam War.

Activision has not commented at the moment, but it is not surprising that it leaks information from the saga before a launch like this. Virtually every Call of Duty is announced in the spring, so there’s still hope that the company will make a statement soon.

The great saga of war action does not decline despite the great boom of the Battle Royale that appear even under the stones, and it already has a part of very loyal fans who do not stop enjoying their titles one after another.

On the other hand, we also have many players who even with the initiation in some Battle Royale free to play, end up professionalizing in the multiplayer of these great games in the series.

Call of Duty Warzone It is being a great success for the developer and that is why they do not stop updating the game with improvements and news, but war veterans need that warlike nostalgia of the hard years of history. And the truth is, shooting a Kar98K is nothing like the feeling of pulling the trigger on a modern Scar H.

Hopefully this is a great title at the height of the first Call of Duty set in historical times.

We will continue to wait for more news and announcements regarding this latest Call of Duty Guerrilla Warfare.

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