Cambridgeshire police are currently hiring: see if there is work for you

From bobs to the rhythm of higher specialist roles, the Cambridgeshire Constabulary is currently looking for new recruits.

They have different roles available throughout the region: here is the complete overview of the jobs for which it is possible to apply for now.

Police officer: £ 24,177

Applications for new officers across the region are now open, although there is not much time left to apply, with completed forms that must be returned by next Saturday (February 29).

Candidates are advised of the toll that the job may require, in terms of annual leave and even adaptation to irregular shift patterns, as the force will always be on guard.

But if you think you have what it takes, you can apply here.

Dispatcher Hub required – £ 23,235

New freight forwarders are needed at the Huntingdon police headquarters. As an officer role, applicants must be prepared to work on evenings, weekends and holidays, as adapting to a 24-hour shift system is critical.

Candidates must also have excellent telephone skills, with previous experience with members of the public in potentially distressing moments. Applications close on Sunday 1st March and you can apply here.

Voluntary roles

For those who are interested in serving their communities but cannot engage in a full-time role, there are a couple of voluntary opportunities currently available.

Special agents are needed to aid strength. Applicants must be free on Wednesday evening or weekend day for training, and be able to be on a break on a weekday from 9 to 5. More information is available here.

There is also a vacancy for a cadet leader in Hertfordshire, who can assist one of the groups between 19:00 and 21:00 one evening a week. Further information can be found here.

Roles of Bedfordshire

There is a role currently available at the Bedfordshire police headquarters in Kempston, although this is not necessarily for those who want to be in crime scenes.

New people are needed to join Athena’s support and development team, who will keep the software used by the police to track criminals up to date.

The salary ranges from £ 25,380 to £ 30,951, so if you want to put your technical skills to good use, apply here. The questions will close on Sunday 1st March.

Hertfordshire roles

There are also three different roles in Biggleswade open to the application: if you are interested, be sure to apply by Sunday 15 March.

These roles are an administrative assistant in the anti-corruption unit (salary starting from £ 18,951 – more information here), an audit specialist in the anti-corruption unit (salaries starting from £ 21,342 – more information here) and a head of prevention, salary starting from £ 25,380.


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