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For the Camden district of London an order according to § 60 was approved.

In northwest London, a man was killed in a double-stitch.

At around 11:10 pm on Thursday, the rescue teams reported a raid on Camden High Street.

A man whose age is not known was found stabbed and provided first aid. He was, however, declared dead at the scene.

Met police said a second man in his mid-20s also suffered a puncture wound and was hospitalized. There were no arrests.

A spokesman said that the family of the first victim had not yet been informed of his death and the condition of the second man was unknown.

Crime scenes are available and the main road has been closed to traffic.

The police have asked someone with information to contact them.

For Camden, London, an order under section 60 was approved by 2:30 pm on Friday, giving the police additional control and search powers.