Camel milk is gaining popularity. Could it be an alternative for the dairy market?

Camel milk is gaining popularity. Could it be an alternative for the dairy market?

Camel, camel's milk, sarasIn India, Saras, a dairy cooperative from Rajasthan, introduced camel milk for some time in 2010, but was soon forced to close due to high production costs and lack of awareness among consumers.

Camel milk is in the news. And his virtue is none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi spoke in October to a gathering of farmers in Anand, Gujarat, how he was ridiculed for once calling camel milk nutritious. During his tenure as Prime Minister of Gujarat, he had tried to promote camel milk for its nutritional value, and was "ridiculed" by the people around him, he revealed.

One and a half decades later, the country not only consumes camel milk, but even camel milk chocolates and ice cream.

Gulneet, a service manager at a multinational company in Gurugram who refused to give her last name, reflects the Prime Minister's assessment. "Without camel milk my son would have been robbed of the dairy for the rest of his life," she says. Her son was diagnosed with lactose intolerance three years ago and the pediatrician suggested taking him off cow's milk. "There is so much milk for milk in India. His grandparents were shocked to know that he can not get milk because he is uncomfortable. They could not believe that a doctor would say that no milk, especially during the years of education, is given to a child. These were traumatic days when we were trying to figure out how to incorporate dairy products into his diet, "recalls Gulneet.

The doctor then proposed camel milk for her then four-year-old son. "At first we did not hesitate. But we researched and read about the benefits of camel milk. Fortunately, our son, despite his saltiness, developed a taste for it, "says Gulneet, who came across Aadvik Foods, which delivers camel milk directly to consumers and sells through outlets like Foodhall in Delhi-NCR and various e-commerce platforms. Her son's health has improved over the past three years, says Gulneet. "I'll buy from them for a week – seven bottles of 200 ml each," she says.

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