Campaign to encourage the British Muslim alliance

Elaf from London: To confirm the fact that the United Kingdom is a global champion of freedom of religions and beliefs, the Dubai-based Regional Media and Communication Center of the British government announced its Ramadan campaign for 2021.
The campaign aims to engage Muslim audiences in dialogue during the month of Ramadan, highlight diversity and encourage integration between Muslims worldwide and focus on the alliance between the United Kingdom and Muslims.
The theme of this year’s Ramadan campaign will be thirty stories and stories, a play within the famous Arab folk tales collection, One Thousand and One Nights.
“Each story will shed light on the diversity of Muslims across the world, their experiences during Ramadan, and issues related to the values ​​and work of the United Kingdom in the Middle East and North Africa region,” the center said in a statement.
The statement added: This theme will be used to present one story for each day of Ramadan from a wide range of Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.
Each day of Ramadan will also feature a story that introduces the audience to someone who embodies the spirit of inclusion and has contributed to the advancement of society in small or big ways. Speakers in the campaign will be divided into 4 categories: leaders and pioneers, British Muslims and Muslims in the British government, the new generation and different people in general.

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Diaz talk
Rosie Diaz, spokeswoman for the British government in the Middle East and North Africa, said: “I will be delighted to launch our Ramadan campaign for 2021. The past year has been difficult for everyone in the world, including Muslims while practicing their faith, and I hope our campaign will be a source of inspiration and hope during Ramadan.
She added: I have personally seen the diversity and inclusion in Muslim societies across the Middle East and North Africa, and it is an honor for me to stand with Muslims during Ramadan this year.
The spokeswoman emphasized: Britain is committed to supporting the development of open and equal societies at the local and state levels, in order to build a basis for increased social resilience and stability.
In line with this, the UK is a global champion of freedom of religion and belief, including in the Middle East and North Africa.


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