SThe weirdly spiced goblet goes to filling, movie-starring, controversial comedians Kevin Hart, the star of Jumanji, and many other films and specials that have confirmed he will host the 2019 Oscar ceremony. In a way, it's a surprise that he has not made this gig yet. Hart's is one of the dizzy climbs in the history of modern show business. So spectacular that the comedian Dave Chappelle has a pretty little bit of how he feels about this breathtaking promotion career. Hart has claimed on his Instagram feed that this job has been "a target on my list for a long time," and of course it's a sign that you've arrived.

Seth MacFarlane hosting in 2013

Toe Curling … Seth MacFarlane Hosting 2013. Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

However, Hart has to be aware that Oscar presenters almost by definition are non-Oscar winners, and that the host is dangerously exposed over a long evening like never before and faces a program of declining ratings and disrespectful social media. Reporting is seen. A slip-up, a fuzz, a misjudged gag, a snippet that frowns on the audience, is transformed into a GIF. Chances are that he did the job badly, unmoved or offensively. The horror tester is Seth MacFarlane in 2013 with his We Saw Your Boobs number, whose ironic context was not considered sufficient to declare a disgusting routine on tiptoe.

It's about the status of Hart as a comedian and African American. As a black man, of course, his presence is part of the Academy's ongoing effort to solve the problem of racial diversity. However, there are recent problems with sexual politics, the Weinstein scandal and #MeToo. Hart, with his perceived homophobia, even gets into hot, hot water. In a 2011 stand-up sketch, he says, "One of my biggest fears is that my son is growing up and gay. That's a fear. Remember, I'm not homophobic […] Be happy. Do what you want to do. "

He later explained that this was an essentially comic dramatization of his own fears and insecurities – a self-satire. Many were not completely satisfied with this shine. But the point is that unlike former presenter Jimmy Kimmel, who comes from the more supple background of the talk show host, Hart is a comedian: his job is to go beyond his bounds and step on his toes with laughter ,

It is a minefield. Perhaps no one has ever worked better than Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes, especially in 2015, when they fearlessly released material about Bill Cosby, who sexually assaulted young women. At this point, only they could have gotten away with it, and at the Globes with the much more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of those awards.

As for Hart, he is a very funny comic. The Oscars will not make the most of him: they never do. My personal choice would have been Michelle Wolf, the stand-up who got into trouble for her speech at the White House Correspondents' dinner. Maybe next year.