Jan Vertonghen scored and scored in Spurs' 3-0 victory

Tottenham's understated and underrated progress this season was accompanied every inch of the way by suggestions that they "go under the radar".

Mauricio Pochettino's team followed in the wake of leading Premier League internationals Manchester City and Liverpool, who were almost, but not entirely, eliminated from the Champions League, and generally lived in the shadow of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

Spurs midfielder Moussa Sissoko even used the phrase in recent days to illustrate how he might have just come out to win the title.

In reality, the big prizes are rarely won by camouflage. If the Spurs are still under the roof of the Champions League quarter-finals after their grandiose 3-0 draw against Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, we must assume they are currently being pursued by the cheapest and most inefficient recognition system known to man.

Pochettino's stock will only rise after the Spurs, who were considered light outsiders in the draw, overwhelmed the highly acclaimed Germans with a display of skill, steel and organization that saw the absence of signature talents like the injured captain Harry Kane and Dele Alli has made it easy.

The manager of Spurs may still be on the radar of Manchester United and even Real Madrid – but on such nights he will realize what a good thing he is in northern London, and this is felt by Chairman Daniel Levy.

If all this is due to the fact that the Spurs made no transfers in the summer or in January, this simply underlines what Pochettino does for a great job.

It is indeed a difficult task to think of any manager of a high caliber club who is currently making better use of, or getting more out of, their available resources.

The Spurs will now need a catastrophic collapse to not reach the Champions League in the final eight, while remaining just five points behind Manchester City and Liverpool in the title race, despite the pace of the top two teams this season.

And although they have certainly used the scenic route to reach the Champions League knockout stage after losing to Inter Milan and Barcelona in their first three games and having drawn with PSV Eindhoven, it seems they will they make the most of "mission impossible" by going through it.

The manner in which they first subjugated and then outwitted such impressive opponents as Borussia Dortmund was a tribute to the inner strength and perseverance of a team that did not have the honor it deserved this season.

And that's true close to home, where some of us who have now vowed had doubted it earlier in the season.

After the home loss against Barcelona claimed this miserable start, this observer said that the Spurs' credibility was close to Europe's best, as Pochettino had said a year before following the defeat of Real Madrid at Wembley.

Spurs qualified for the knockout round due to away goals in their games against Inter Milan

If the modest pie is not eaten yet, it's certainly on its way after the Spurs performance from the kitchen. Balance on which credit is due.

The recent wins over Watford and Newcastle United and the beating Leicester City against the target showed a side of the Spurs who were stubborn and resilient and could almost get over to scoring the points.

Against a team that is five points ahead of Bayern Munich at the top of the Bundesliga, they provided here a more complete representation to spy out the danger of the first half and to push after the break as two late goals by Jan Vertonghen and Fernando Llorente in the dream land delivered the decisive cushion with three goals, supported by the extremely important goal.

Vertonghen gave in a wing role a performance that must count for Spurs to his best.

Not only was the Belgian solid in defense, he gave the Spurs an extra dimension in attack, his cross fell over Dan-Axel Zagadou to open Son before he defeated the attack from Dortmund with a second goal.

Llorente, sometimes ridiculed, but now a match-winner against Watford and third-scorer here, demonstrated exactly why Pochettino has so much confidence in him.

Harry Winks, the long injury problems behind him, mature into a midfielder who will excel for Spurs and England.

And in Son, Spurs has a remarkably consistent top-class attacker, tireless, dangerous, intelligent, and never afraid to drive the hard courts.

Son has also made Borussia Dortmund his personal toy. When he was in Hamburg and Bayer Leverkusen in Germany, he scored five goals in five games and now has four of five games for Spurs in Europe. You must be fed up with the sight of the South Korean.

He's the man who keeps the Spurs in an attacking context without her being a big hitter. Since Kane is about to return after his recent ankle problem, Son & # 39; s contribution can not be praised high enough.

No wonder he attracts so many guests from his home country to track games. South Korean fans proudly pose with their national flag for photos after the final whistle.

This was not an extraordinary victory. This was absolutely deserved, a sign of growing quality and stature, and an indication that, if they do it right, the Spurs can pose a major threat in this competition.

Pochettino will now warn their players ahead of the second leg return match on March 5 in Germany, although the Spurs do not look like a team that maintains such a stance.

They still feel the pain of battling Juventus in the second round last season against Juventus in last sixteen. They wereted the hard work of the first game when they drew after scoring twice in Italy.

Of course, accidents can still happen, but what position Spurs has designed for himself.

Spurs are the team that just will not disappear.

And if Pochettino and his players are still under the radar, then it's time to invest in a new recognition system.