Candidates to take Messi’s position at Barcelona

The bad step of the Blaugrana team is not only leading them to the path of leaving empty-handed this season, but it is also paving the way for the departure of their best player, so they should start thinking about possible candidates to replace Messi at Barcelona.

The ‘Flea’ wanted to change teams before this season.

Barcelona is experiencing a conflict in every possible way, from the change of presidency -they still have no new boss-, to the fact that the team cannot find a way to stay competitive, even with one of the best players in history in their ranks.

It is correct to say that they are in a reconstruction, something for which Messi does not have time. The Argentine is in the final stretch of his career and what he is looking for is to continue adding all the possible titles, so going to a more complete team seems the most viable way to achieve it.

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That will leave Barcelona with a significant loss.

Finding a replacement for the ‘Flea’ is practically impossible, but at least they must look for all the candidates capable of trying to replace Messi in Barcelona. Maybe not with everything he does, but unless goals are not needed in the team.

It won’t be cheap, but this is the list of those that would be available:

Lautaro Martinez

Since last season it has been the desire of Barcelona, ​​so with a possible departure for Messi now if they could go for him.

Erling Haaland

He is the second top scorer of the season in the Bundesliga and at just 20 years old, he could become the future of any team.

Ante Rebic

The Milan player has been a key piece for the good season they have had in Serie A, in addition to being a perfect match with Zlatan.

Dele Alli

At 24 years old, he is an indisputable in Mourinho’s scheme at Tottenham.

Marcus Rashford

The Manchester United star could try his luck at Barcelona to become the base of the team.

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