CanSino wants to immunize countries with difficult access to Covid-19 vaccines

EFE.- The Chinese Laboratory CanSino Biologics, which develops one of the vaccines against Covid-19will seek to reach less industrialized countries where access to these biologics has been more complicated, he said. Adolfo Hernández Garduño, spokesperson for the company in Mexico.

“We believe that this solution is suitable for developing countries,” said Dr. Hernández Garduño, spokesperson for CanSino Biologics.

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He added that, unlike industrialized countries, those nations that are in regions such as Latin America and Asia with little access to vaccinesThey must be covered with the Chinese dose, in part because, being a single dose, it represents minor expenses for governments.

“Industrialized countries have at times invested in the development of vaccines and they have had agreements that today they have covered to comply with their vaccination programs, “he said.

However, he stated, vaccine it can reach any country that approves it and decides to use it.

One of the advantages of this vaccine CanSino is, according to Hernandez Garduño, is that it shows an efficiency of 65%. In other words, “the person will not develop the disease.”

This has been determined after having already passed two phases of clinical studies and it is also what the last stage of research applied to 40 thousand people in which a group of 15 thousand Mexicans participated has shown.

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“We can say that it is a safe and effective vaccine,” he said.

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In total, he detailed, five countries participated in the studies (Russia, Pakistan, Argentina, Chile and Mexico), which included 78 study centers. In the case of Mexico, it was developed in 20 centers located in 16 states.

“We estimate that the first two million doses will be delivered the last week of March,” he reported.

He noted that so far Mexico is the only country that has authorized this vaccine for emergency use against Covid-19.

And he stressed that it will even be possible to have doses in the territory before the conclusion of phase 3 of the tests, part of which are also developed with Mexican patients..

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He recalled that on February 11 they reached MexicoTwo million doses of the active principle will be delivered to the DrugMex plant in the central state of Querétaro, and it is estimated that 40 days after that date the first batch of vaccines will be made available to the Mexican government.

“After that date, between April and June, we will be delivering about 7 million doses and then 1.2 million doses per week,” until reaching the 35 million vaccines that have been agreed with the Government, he explained.

Hernandez Garduño detailed that the laboratory already has more than a decade of experience in the development of vaccines and of Covid-19 It was developed from an Ebola research platform, which has been working for five years and made it possible to modify the adenovirus.

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This adenovirus is used as the “shell” of the protein substance known as spike, it is used as messenger RNA, which can adhere to the cell and introduce genetic material to prevent the development of the disease.

However, he recalled that so far the vaccine has been tested in subjects over 18 years of age, so for now, immunity could only be had in people who are above this age range.

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