Cantabrian fishermen fear “brutal” cuts due to Brexit

Cantabrian fishermen fear “brutal” cuts as a result of Brexit, especially in the first coastal mackerel.

This was said today to questions from the press by the president of the Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds of Cantabria, Miguel Fernández, who has affirmed that the regional fleet is “on standby.” “We really do not know yet the assigned quotas and we fear the worst,” he stressed.

In this sense, he stated that currently “we are only talking a little” about the high-altitude fleet, which corresponds more to Galicia, while the coastal fleet, which includes Cantabria, is “fearing some rather brutal cuts”, on all in the first coastal mackerel.

“In mackerel we are afraid that there will be a fairly strong cut, since the quota is scarce,” he emphasized.

In this matter, the Cantabrian brotherhoods are “hand in hand” with the Ministry of Fisheries, although they do not feel so supported by the Government of the nation.

«Madrid shot for Asturias. That is to say, here we have to fight like a cat belly up and we are hand in hand with the Ministry of Fisheries. We will be very attentive, “he warned.

However, Fernández has ruled out that the continuity of the fleet is in danger, which has spent the pandemic working as it is a basic sector.

«We have been responsible. We knew that the coast of bocarte was going to be to cover expenses but we are very clear that we are the first link in the chain, “said the president of the brotherhoods, who has assured that, although now” the prospects are not good, “they will continue working

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