Captain Cardinal’s red electronic helmet for € 119 on Amazon, the mysterious Star Wars character you probably don’t know

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The Star Wars Universe is a very wide world, where there are even a large number of stories that are not canon, and that are limited to the geeks of the saga. However, within what is canonical history, which takes into account the films, series and everything that has been released around this, there is a mysterious character that you probably do not know, and who even has an electronic helmet to the sale on Amazon. Its about Captain Cardinal, whose helmet is also red and is a unique element in the world of Star Wars.

It does not appear in any movie. Although in Episode IX the Sith soldiers have red armor, this character belongs to an earlier phase. In fact, He was even a rival of Captain Phasma, which featured a chrome armor. The helmet is priced at 119 euros, and it’s an ideal purchase for collectors who want to make it clear that their knowledge of Star Wars runs deep.

The Captain Cardinal Star Wars Electronic Helmet is one of the must-have purchases for any fan of the saga who considers himself a true geek.

The Captain Cardinal’s story is found in Phasma’s novel. He was an officer who was part of the personal guard of one of the Generals of the First Order. He had a key role in training the stormtroopers. For his outstanding role he received a unique armor, in red, which distinguished him from the rest of the soldiers. Only Captain Phasma also received her own armor, in chrome. In fact, although the two had rank of officer in the First Order, they were rivals. And the full story is told in Phasma’s book, so we’re not going to do any more spoilers if you haven’t read it. You can also find the book on Amazon for 20 euros.

The helmet itself is very similar to the helmet available from Stormtrooper, although in completely red, being a perfect ornament that will surprise even those who call themselves Star Wars fans but are really limited only to the movies.

Of course, is designed to put it on, being a helmet in original size. It even has a ribbon so that we can wear it tight to the head. The small section of the eyes is translucent so that we can move smoothly.

For 119 euros is a ideal purchase for collectors and true Star Wars fans who want to show their love for the Star Wars saga.

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