Captain Glenn turns off Adam Glick on the lower deck preview screen

Sideways cooking is not easy!

chef Adam Glick faces a difficult task in this exclusive new Monday clip Sailing yacht under deck. The preview shows the enthusiastic guests of Parsifal III as Captain Glenn Shephard set sail on a windy day.

“Whoa, we’re really sailing!” one guest exclaims while the other rejoices, “This is crazy! We are going sideways!”

Despite the guests’ pleasure, the wind conditions make the yacht turn at 14 knots and tilted 8 degrees, making it very difficult for Adam to prepare breakfast.

“If it were up to me, I would never serve guests breakfast while we sail, but what guests want, guests get. So here is your breakfast served on tilt,” Chief Hostess Jenna MacGillivray He says.

“I know it’s my job to sail, but it couldn’t be more windy,” Adam complains. “It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Adam decides to face his captain for the harsh conditions. “Glenn, is it possible that we can sail in 40 minutes and then take a cruise and have breakfast quietly?” Adam asks Glenn, who refuses by citing the guests’ excitement.

“We didn’t get windy when the guests wanted to set sail yesterday, so I can’t let this opportunity pass,” explains Captain Glenn in his confessional. “Adam doesn’t come and tells me how to navigate.”

Take a look above!

Sailing yacht under deck airs on Monday at 21:00 on Bravo.

(E! And Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family)

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