Carlo Ancelotti winks at another ex-Madridista

Sami Khedira is looking for an emergency exit after not telling what he would like at Juventus. The German midfielder has stated that he would like to play in the Premier, a league that attracts him a lot of attention. Well, a suitor has already come out. This Friday Carlo Ancelotti, Everton coach, stated at a press conference that he would like to have the German at his command again.

“I have good memories with him at Real Madrid, he is a fantastic professional. I would love to work with him again, as well as with other players.. However, joining Everton is a totally different matter, “said the Italian coach.

It should be remembered that Khedira worked with Ancelotti at Real Madrid between 2013 and 2015, both achieving a Copa del Rey and a Champions League. Currently at Everton, the Italian coach also has another former Madrid player in his ranks, James Rodríguez.

Mourinho also follows him

But nevertheless, the option that sounds the strongest about Khedira’s future is to sign for Tottenham, and be with Mourinho again. “I have always liked his sincerity, if he called me I would not say no. We have a great relationship, I admire him a lot,” he said about the Portuguese recently.

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