Carlos Sainz, sanctioned with 3 places on the Turkish grid

Day to forget for Carlos Sainz. The Spanish rider finished 13th in a difficult qualifying session, hurt by how hard it was to warm up his tires. McLaren in the rain on a track with little grip due to the recent resurfacing. But the worst would come a little later, since the Madrilenian received a three-position penalty on the starting grid this Sunday for having annoyed Czech Pérez during the qualifying session.

The Madrid driver, after the ‘qualy’, hoped that the stewards would be understanding and not sanction him, arguing that with the difficult track conditions, it was impossible to see Pérez and knowing that he was coming from behind in an attempt to make a fast lap.

“I don’t know, because I can’t see, I can’t see it, you don’t try to get out of the pits and warm up the tires. What I hope is that the stewards take that into account, that it was a very strange classification, very unusual and we were all out there trying to warm up the tires, nothing could be seen, the rear view mirrors were completely covered … . I could not do anything. You don’t know who’s on fast lap and who’s not. It’s impossible, “said the Spaniard before the ‘Movistar F1’ microphones. Despite this, the explanations of the Spanish did not have to convince the commissioners, who applied a penalty of 3 places on the grid.

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