Carragher has a theory as to why Arsenal fans are protesting Kroenke so much –

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Jamie Carragher has claimed that Arsenal fans are protesting so strongly against their owners as they wanted the Kroenkes to be sold even before the Super League drama, according to his comments on Sky Sports.

Arsenal supporters paired up en masse outside the Emirates Stadium last week in an attempt to force Kroenke to sell.

Instead, the Gunners boss sent his son, Josh, to answer the supporters’ question in an attempt to defuse the unrest.

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However, Arsenal supporters continue to demand that the Kroenke leave.

And Carragher feels like the Gunners ‘fans’ frustration has been building up over the years.

“The biggest demonstrations we have seen so far are here at Old Trafford and at Arsenal,” he said.

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“We keep talking about the Super League, but the feeling of Manchester United and Arsenal fans towards their owners is much greater than the Super League. I think that’s why they have protested so much. It is not just about the Super League.

“I totally understand the frustration of Manchester United fans and Arsenal fans. I think all football fans should support them in some way. We don’t want the games to be canceled, nobody wants to see that, but the fans are frustrated with owning their own clubs. “

Arsenal fans may have a chance to get their wish for new owners as a buyer appears to have emerged in the form of Daniel Ek.

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However, the Kroenke have already issued a statement suggesting they have no intention of selling out to the Gunners.

It remains to be seen whether the weight of fan protests will have changed the mind of the American businessman.

But as it stands, it appears that Arsenal may have Kroenke in charge for some time, despite growing feelings of anger towards his owner.

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