Carrefour sells the ‘low cost’ clone of Apple’s ‘AirPods’ for 12.90 euros

We have already spoken to you in Digital Economy of wireless headphones that Lidl released the last january 25. Some devices that mimicked the AirPods of Apple, which even had a cargo box, which were available for just 20 euros.

Well then, Carrefour has taken the idea and gone a little further. It has done so with wireless headphones that almost perfectly mimic the design of those of Apple and that they are discounted, attention, even the 12,90 euros. Before they cost 19,90 euros.

Carrefour Innova Headphones

Carrefour copies Apple’s ‘AirPods’

These headphones are manufactured by Innova and they are the model AUR-TWS7. They have connection bluetooth 5.0 to connect it to other devices and with a Micro USB input to recharge.

Its weight is only 0.005 kg, which become 0.055 kg with box. And they measure 1 centimeter high, 3.3 cm long and 7.6 cm wide, which guarantees total comfort when using them.

Carrefour auuriculares Innova
Carrefour Innova Headphones

The Innova AUR-TWS7 headphones have a maximum range of 10 meters, which is not bad at all. And they also have a built-in microphone, allowing you to make and receive calls, as well as record voice messages. In addition, they are suitable for use in other devices such as video consoles or tablets. And its autonomy is two hours.

A good alternative to Carrefour headphones

As an alternative, among other options, you have these headphones of HOMSCAM, available on Amazon for 19,99 euros. They used to cost € 29.99.

Amazon HOMSCAM Headphones
Amazon HOMSCAM Headphones

In this case, they also have a bluetooth 5.0 connection and have a charging box. This offers five charges of 5 hours each, granting an autonomy of 25 hours in total

They also have a built-in microphone, and one of the great advantages over Carrefour’s is that they are waterproof. Also, shipping is free if you are a member of Amazon prime or if you are enjoying your trial month as a premium customer. In Carrefour shipping costs are 1,99 euros.

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