Casademont win against Niznhy (78-75)

A basket from eight meters Ennis when there was a second left, he gave the victory to Casademont against a Niznhy who left his life with only eight players (78-75). The Russians took rents of up to nine points in the last quarter (58-67), but the set of Sergio Hernández managed to come back in great individual actions of Ennis, a decisive player in the last 10 minutes and in the Zaragoza victory, with 13 points in the last 10 minutes.

The Casademont thus achieved the first victory of the Hernández era. The victory allows the Zaragozans to give a step forward in your options to access the next phase since it adds two victories in as many meetings, something very important considering that due to the coronavirus pandemic it was decided reduce the groups originally planned from eight to four teams So if you start off badly, the chances of a reaction are reduced.

The Maño team suffered the unspeakable against a Russian team that was recently affected by the scourge of the coronavirus, which forced him to travel to the Aragonese capital with only eight players who began to train together on November 7 and with the absence of Anton Astapkovich, his leading scorer with nearly 22 points per game.

The first quarter was developed with a fast game although at the same time run over in many moments from which nobody benefited because there were numerous errors on both sides.

However, in the second quarter the panorama changed radically. The Aragonese team, which started very well and got five up in the first minute, began to fail in attack and to forget about defending forcefully, which resulted in the visitors scoring with astonishing ease.

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In addition, they took advantage of the nine local losses and their superiority in the offensive rebound allowed them to catch eight rejections and thus facilitating the 2-12 partial in just two and a half minutes that placed them with a 13 advantage (27-40) three minutes before reaching the break before the local confusion.

And everything that had been a mess before the break turned into intensity and success in the third quarter with a great defense that allowed Casademont to play looser in attack and finish just one point behind at the end of this quarter (54-55).

The crisis seemed over but the Russian team, playing very open put the locals in trouble again who were down by 9 points with seven minutes to go and after a 4-12 run in just over two minutes.

The Casademont had to row again. Sergio Hernandez dispensed with his pivots and returned to play, as in the comeback in the third quarter, with two ‘fours’ which allowed him to regain the disadvantage to win, after two offensive rebounds and a final triple by Ennis Salvador when the game was tied and they had 9 tenths to go.


78 – Casademont Zaragoza (17 + 16 + 21 + 24): San Miguel (3), Ennis (22), Brussino (9), Benzing (16), Thompson (8) -initial five- Barreiro (2), Seeley (10) ), Hlinason (-) and Rupnik (8).

75 – Nizhny Novgorod (16 + 28 + 11 + 20): Sheperd (13), Baburin (10), Strebkov (16), Toropov (2), Gavrilovic (19) -cinco inicial- Komolov (10), Gankevich (2) y Gerasimov (3).

Referees: Sahin (Italy), Marques (Portugal) and Baki (Turkey). Toropov (m.28) was excluded by personnel.

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Incidents: match corresponding to the second day of the Basketball Champions League Group D contested at the Príncipe Felipe de Zaragoza pavilion behind closed doors.


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