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The Minister of Health of Castilla-La Mancha, Jesús Fernández, announced this Saturday that 96% of the territory of your community passes to measures level 2, so they would only be left with level 3 measures to stop the pandemic only 11 municipalities in the region.

This was stated in a press conference, in which he showed his satisfaction because, according to the last count, the cumulative incidence per 100,000 inhabitants in Castilla-La Mancha is 239 cases, when on January 18, “As a result of Christmas,” argued the counselor, that figure was four times more, 1,006 cases.

The counselor stressed that these are “absolutely resounding numbers”, as it is also, in his opinion, that the infection rate is in 0.58, so that in the region “every citizen infects half”. “Are the second autonomous community with data of this level “, which Fernández it cut short to a “direct relationship with the measures.” However, Castilla-La Mancha will not allow the perimeter opening community until the surrounding regions control the pandemic. “We have to take care of ourselves,” he said, because “the virus is still with us.”

In other autonomous communities that have also reported the data this Saturday, there have also been decreases in both the number of new infections and deaths from the virus.


Andalusia has registered this Saturday February 20 1,634 cases per Covid-19 coronavirus, lower than the 2,293 positives of the day before and at 2,796 seven days ago. Likewise, the Andalusian autonomous community recorded 46 deaths in the last 24 hours, also lower than the 69 deaths on Friday and the 120 on Saturday.

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By provinces, Seville is again the province with the most deaths with 17, followed by Malaga with twelve, Jaén with five, Almería with four, Granada with three, Córdoba and Huelva with two and Cádiz with one.


The Government of Aragon has notified 251 new cases of coronavirus and two deceased in the autonomous community. By provinces, in Zaragoza, 204 infections have been reported, the two deaths of the day and 392 discharges; in Huesca, 19 positives and 56 discharges; and in Teruel 27 infections and 177 people discharged.


The Health Council of the Principality of Asturias confirmed 156 new coronavirus cases and six deaths. Currently, in Asturias there are 367 hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected covid-19 and another 123 people remain in intensive care units.

The Principality Health Service (Sespa) carried out 3,265 tests and the positivity rate stood at 7.38%.


The Balearic Epidemiology Service has notified this Saturday 87 new positives and no deceased because of Covid-19. Thus, the accumulated total amounts to 55,574 notified cases and 682
deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the Islands.

At the moment, there are 2,878 people served in the Service of Health due to coronavirus. Hospital admissions decrease up to 144 (11 less than yesterday) and also down to 72 patients in ICU (three less than yesterday). In addition, in the last 24 hours there have been registered 22 hospital discharges and 495 cured in Primary Care.

Castile and Leon

Castilla y León has communicated 369 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, what which places the global figure to date at 209,198. Likewise, it has registered 15 new fatalities.

By provinces, León is the one that has reported the most positives in this day, with 81 cases and a total of 36,496; Burgos has added 65 for a total of 30,287; Palencia and Salamanca follow, both with 49 new and a total of 17,482 and 29,568, respectively; Valladolid, with 42 and 47,140 total; Segovia, with 34 and 15,254; Soria, with 25 and 8,593; Avila, with 16 and 11,818, and Zamora, with eight for a total of 12,560.


The Xunta de Galicia reported this Saturday that the number of cases coronavirus assets in Galicia is 9,289, of which 3,032 are from La Coruña area, 901 from Lugo, 713 from Orense, 1,270 from from Pontevedra, 1,375 from the Vigo area, 1,045 from Santiago and 953 from that of Ferrol.

Also, according to the Galician Ministry of Health, the latest update data shows that, of the total of positive patients, 163 are in ICU, 577 in hospitalization units and 8,549 at home.

Basque Country

The Department of Health of the Basque Country has notified 487 new positive cases for Covid-19, which is 18 less than the previous day. By territories of the new positives, Bizkaia registered 301 compared to 284 on Thursday, followed by Gipuzkoa with 113, 36 less, and Álava with 70, 3 more. In addition, 3 infected among people from other communities or other origins were detected (5 the day before).

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The Rioja

The healthcare pressure of Riojan hospitals continues to decline with a 43% drop in ICU occupancy. According to data published by the regional government, the cumulative incidence at 14 days continues to decline, going from 247 to 211 cases positive per 100,000 inhabitants.

437 cases of covid-19 remain active, 12 less than the day above, and there are 11,215 people in quarantine, 579 fewer. This Saturday the death of a man by Covid was registered of advanced age, which is victim 713 since the pandemic began in the autonomous community of Rioja.


The number of new coronavirus cases in the Region of Murcia is has reached 140 in the last 24 hours, on a day in which they have deceased ten people. The number of active cases stands at 1,727 in the Region of Murcia (138 less than the previous day).

Of the 140 new cases, 51 correspond to the municipality of Murcia, 11 to San Pedro del Pinatar, 10 to Águilas, 9 to Cartagena, 6 to Beniel, 6 to Caravaca de la Cruz, 5 to Lorca, 5 to Torre Pacheco, 4 to Archena, 4 to Cieza, 4 to Mula, and 4 to Yecla.


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