ALL cat owners could be forced to pay for the microchip of their pets as part of the plans proposed by the ministers.

Secretary of the Environment, Thérèse Villiers, said gadgets would help reunite stray dogs and stolen breasts with their worried owners.

    A new law could require pet owners to microchip their cats


A new law could require pet owners to microchip their catsCredit: Alamy

It is already mandatory to handle dogs by microchip, and owners who do not comply with the law can be stung with a fine of £ 500.

It currently costs around £ 15 to get a chipped pet.

Environment Minister Thérèse Villiers said, "The call for evidence on the microchip of cats will help the government understand how we can better protect the beloved cats and kittens of this country.

"This government is committed to protecting animals and improving the lives of our pets.

"Today's announcement builds on a series of positive steps taken to improve welfare standards in this country, including the ban on sales to foreigners." third of puppies and kittens and the commitment to carry the maximum penalty for cruelty to animals from six months to five years. . "

The government is launching a 12-week consultation on their plans.


The mandatory microchip for dogs was introduced in 2015 and now, 92% of dogs have one.

The operation involves inserting a chip the size of a grain of rice under the skin of a pet.

The pet charities welcomed the move.

James Yeates, General Manager of Cats Protection, said, "The microchip is an essential part of a responsible pet ownership. Yet every year we still welcome thousands of cats that have not been microchipped.

"Most of the stray animals we take are not equipped with fleas, so we are generally unable to locate an owner. Cats must be relocated.

"The microchip is a safe and permanent way to give a stray cat the best chance of being brought home.

"People tell us that knowing that their cat is microchipped reassures them and also allows homeowners to be aware of the sadness of their cat's injury or death on the road."

    Homeowners can be fined up to £ 500 for failing to micromanage their boobs


Homeowners could be fined up to £ 500 if they failed to micromanage their boobsCredit: Getty – Contributor
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