Catalonia breaks records in food exports

The Catalan agri-food sector closed 2020 with a historical record of exports, reaching 11,435 million euros, which means a year-on-year increase of 6.62% in value and 6.95% in volume, as explained by Prodeca’s managing director, Ramon Sentmartí, this Monday.

This increase in exports has also allowed the Catalan agri-food sector to lead exports in the whole of Spain for the first time, surpassing Andalusia and accumulating 21.5% of Spanish agri-food exports.


Above the Spanish average

In this sense, Sentmartí explained that the sector accounts for 6.62% of total Catalan exports, while the Spanish average stands at 4.29%.

“In a European environment in which the agri-food sector has declined, in Catalonia it has been strengthened and grown”, assured the manager.

Sentmartí has ​​also emphasized the consolidation of the Catalan trade surplus in this sector, after closing 2020 with a coverage rate of 117.69%, since during the year imports totaled 9,715.84 million euros.

Above equipment goods

Crisis resistance

The agri-food sector was one of those that best withstood the crisis caused by the coronavirus and ranked second in exports, only behind the semi-invoiced.

During 2020, it surpassed that of equipment goods, which suffered a significant adjustment due to the pandemic, and increased its distance from the automotive sector, which it already surpassed in 2019.

France, with 17%, China (14.9%) and Italy (8.6%) were the main recipient markets for Catalan agri-food products during 2020.

Behind were Germany (6.1%) and the United Kingdom (5%) which, despite Brexit, increased imports of Catalan products by 2.4% and is expected to register a growth of 5% in the next five years.

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By segments

Meat and sausages lead exports

The increase in exports to China has contributed to the Asian market being the one that grew the most during 2020, with an increase of 42.95%, to 2,876 million euros, especially due to the leadership of the Asian giant in the meat and meat sector. sausages, with 35.9% of the total.

Precisely meat and sausages is the segment that most exported during 2020, with 4,591.8 million euros and an increase in value of 13.9%; followed by ‘fine food’, with 3,054.3 million euros and a decrease of 2.02% in value, and fruit and orchards, with 965.86 million euros and an increase in value of 10.33%.

On the other side of the scale, the crisis in the Horeca sector due to Covid-19 and the tariffs on European products in the United States have affected the fish and seafood segments, with a contraction of 12.87%, and wine and cava, with a decrease of 10.14%, respectively

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