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Monday, May 25, 2020


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Disney World employees claim to have been inappropriately touched by tourists United States news

Walt Disney World employees who play Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck filed a police report each month claiming that they were inappropriately touched by...

Lana Del Rey appeals for help after the family ‘s belongings have been stolen News on Ents & Arts

Lana Del Rey asked for help after her family's things were stolen...
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Simon Cowell claims to have lost four stones thanks to the vegan diet and block exercise

Simon Cowell claims to have lost more than four stones thanks to his new healthy lifestyle. British judge Talent, 60, has...
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The International Space Station is visible over Wales every evening until June: here’s how to see it

Eagle-eyed skywatchers will have several opportunities to locate NASA's state-of-the-art space station over Wales in the coming week. The largest space station...

Lockdown plunges retail sales to April | Business

Retail sales declined 18.1 percent last month after falling 5.2 percent in March when the government introduced the national blockade.Almost every area of ​​retail...

The firefighters called to burn the trees

Firefighters have been called to burn trees on the edge of a Herefordshire town tonight (Friday). ...